I am just a lightning rod waiting for bad weather.
NAME: Jaekyung Kim
PB NAME: Jaekyung Kim / Jae Kim
GROUP/SOLO: Solo, Industry
MUSE LJ: tailbones @ dreamwidth
MUSE IM: #warmwaterspinning
AGE: 30, December 24
OCCUPATION: Mixed Martial Arts trainer, Entrepreneur
CURRENT RESIDENCE: 8th floor, Mansfield Quarters
SIBLINGS: One younger brother
awake inside a wolf’s panting throat is how I understand hunger.

We came from the gods, Jaekyung's grandfather would tell her when she was still small enough to sit on his knee. She liked the way his voice sounded, raspy from smoking too much, yet proud and booming in her ears. When gods walked the earth among men, they gifted them with incantations, of charms, the ability to commune with the Creator and the Created, letting their power run through their mortal likeness.

When humanity craved for a seat in heaven, they started to seek greatness, devouring the gods they worshiped with the weapons their own gods had forged. Why pick up the scraps when they could take what they wanted for themselves without songs of prayer, without groveling for mercy?

But gods remained gods and betrayal came with a price. Those who remained loyal were left with a parting gift, the ability to transform themselves into the gods' most beloved beast: the panther.

Time passed since then, their kind slowly coming to an extinction -- endangered as some might say, but their kind were firmly maternal and solitary, the urge to establish their own path and fence in their territories were strong in their veins. Some lived as farmers, turning into their cat beast counterparts at night to protect their farm lands, chase away other animals that came to steal their livestock. Save for when angered or disadvantaged, their kind weren't hostile to men. However, exacting revenge against enemies was more than common.

When the dawn of men came, they became entrepreneurs, branching out to other parts of the countries using the wealth they accumulated. According to some theories, marriage to people outside the tribe was what caused the shifter gene to recede, save for a few characteristics that was passed on to human form.

In the early 1960s, Cha Jongdeok established one of the first judo dojang in Sodaemun-gu, passing it down to his children, and then his children's children. It had been 50 years since the last shifter appeared in the family but in 1986, the first born daughter of Kim Taehwan, Kim Jaekyung was delivered to this world with a head full of jet black hair and a set of still dull cub fangs which eventually morphed into baby soft gums after a few hours. She needed to feed after all.

Jaekyung was five when she first shifted, sitting on one of the dojang's mats with her gi all askew. She didn't know what was anger then, but she was sure frustrated -- miffed, her father would say. Jaekyung fell last at the lap of their warm up portion, the youngest in the group but the most competitive. It was fortunate that the group mostly contained older cousins and their uncles. Any spike of emotion triggered the change. Birthday surprises, a 10 minute tantrum, a cry-worthy scene in a Disney movie. The only thing that had helped was her constant training. And so Jaekyung focused on judo, branching out to different arts as she got older like muay thai, kickboxing, krav maga and boxing. This was where she shone, and it became more of a passion rather than a necessity for her to survive.

When she was 10, Jaekyung had difficulties grappling the competitive Korean education system. Training for competitions were starting to get difficult and her grades were obviously getting sacrificed. This prompted Jaekyun's move to the California, her mother joining her there so she could focus on competitions. Her first gold medal was when she was 12, a competition held in Budapest, Hungary. Her last gold was at the Junior World Championship In Birmingham when she was 18. Jaekyung climbed the top of her judo career faster than she expected and by the time she was admitted to UCLA, Jaekyung felt burnt out, leaving her shifting pace unpredictable once again.

She took a hiatus, focusing on her studies and all the while working a job as a waitress to support herself. It was then that she was reunited with a former sunbae who was now running a mixed martial arts gym in La Jolla. The gym initially had few women trainees and the regimen was as tough as it came. It was a challenge that she couldn't back out on.

After finishing her Psychology degree, Jaekyun threw herself back into training, sometimes leaving her crying and frustrated whenever she couldn't throw someone -- MMA was a foreign territory, and the beast in her wanted to conquer that. Her first match was a loss, her nose bloody and a black eye resting on one of her eye but thrill was addicting and she never felt this way outside of judo. Love at first sight, one might say.

At 26, Jaekyung found that she couldn't shift anymore. Weaker, she felt. Her human body lost the swiftness it once did. She could still fight, still could wear out her opponents. She had conditioning and training yet there was something lacking. A call to Seoul was what answered her question -- the nodes in the western hemisphere were dying. Or dead. Jaekyung felt the beast inside whimper weakly.

When the publicity for the open immigration in Hong Kong started, Jaekyung didn't hesitate packing her bags. It was her time to continue his grandfather's work anyway and it came in the form of The Fight Factory, a training center that also offers a fighting regimen designed for women in different weight classes.

After 3 years, Jaekyung finds herself the most adjusted in Hong Kong, throwing herself in training and helping other women fighters in starting their career. In April 2016, The Fight Factory opened its first self-defense classes for women with Jaekyung personally tailor-fitting the classes according to need.

I have forgotten my name in the language I was born to, forgive me.
Competitive would be one word to describe Jaekyung. She is driven, almost to a manic point. She wont stop until a goal is achieved and this same strength is also her weakness. She constantly strives to do better but this is also accompanied by comparing herself with other people. Seeing others succeed before her leaves her frustrated and angry and sometimes vengeful. Though the latter part is something that she thinks is attributed to her panther gene.

However, the same competitiveness gives Jaekyung the ability to excel at multi-tasking, able to juggle a million things all at once without getting distracted. And her motivation isn't only to seek greatness for oneself but also to please others and more importantly, those who she values in her life. She might be ambitious but it's not focused on entirely herself but to the betterment of greater good.

Jaekyung, unlike her panther counterpart, likes spending time with people. Being at the gym energizes her and training people is something that she considers one of her most accomplished goals. She is highly focused on values and vision, and encouraging when it comes to possibilities for other people.

I do it because my love keeps getting bigger and that’s what happens.
Increased strength (the ability to lift 3x their own weight), hearing, and sense of smell (slightly greater than those of a vampire’s). Higher than human body temperature. Increased heal speeds.

Jaekyung can shift at will but she prefers doing it at night, letting her baser instincts run free. There are only few places in Hong Kong where she can do this and the darkness serves as her cloak, easily blending her with her surroundings. In her grandfather's stories, werepanthers like them are prone to human submission once they know the beast's real name. Even if this wasn't proved, Jaekyung is careful to let this side of her known.

and hour by hour
- Despite being into what is usually conceived as a male dominated sports, Jaekyung is an avid fan of makeup and fashion
- Has an adopted orange main coon named Garfield 
- Volunteers regularly at the animal shelter; In The Fight Factory's corporate social responsibility, the company raises money for saving big cats in the zoos and circuses and in providing them the best lifestyle.
- Fluent in English, Korean, conversational Cantonese and drunk texting.
- 170 cm, 173 in heels
- In her panther form, Jaekyung is 5.8 ft (nose to tail) and around 165 pounds. She likes to indulge herself in hunting once in a while finding medium sized prey if possible.
- Like her panther counterpart, Jaekyung is nocturnal, preferring to go out at night and sleep during the day. However, her strict training often forces her to get out of bed as early as 6 in the morning.
- During stressful times, her temper can quick, making her aggressive and unpredictable.
- Drunk karaoke is her stress relief
- Instagram
- Her biggest insecurity is her feet.